Family Documentary Session in Garden

When Family Gets Hard

Let’s face it. Family is not always easy. Living side by side with imperfect people is hard. We mess up.
We say things we regret.
We lose our temper.
We drop the ball.
Family hurts sometimes. Being confronted with our own failures on a regular basis is so uncomfortable.

I was reminded of this deeply this week as I watched my sisters for a few days. Life got messy for my family. Words were said, wounds were opened, yet, just like a seed has to die before a plant grows this mess will result in growth and healing for us all. The crushing of our souls often brings tenderness and joy in a way that would not be possible without trials.

It can be easy to look at family photos and think, that family must have it all together. My family is so messy there is no way we can open our home up to be documented. My friends, I completely understand and this is why I love documentary images. For the very reason that they are real. They show the clutter in our lives, the tantrums, the spilled milk. When we refuse to gloss over this we can see family for what it is truly meant to be. Messy. Hard. Beautiful. Real.

Family Documentary Session in Garden