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The Tiny Footprints Project | Newborn Images for the Littlest Ones

Imagine the anticipation of a new precious life entering the world. The months of dreaming of how birth will be, what they will look like minutes old, how friends and family will surround the new family. Then imagine how quickly it can all change. Suddenly, the baby is here too early or is born with a medical complication and now those first moments are spent in the NICU with tubes and machines as constant companions. This is the experience for so many families and yet their desire to celebrate and document a new life remains the same.


This is where The Tiny Footprints Project steps in. “The Tiny Footprints Project was founded by Heather Hartlen, who, after capturing the precious photos of baby Ayla, realized how many parents are without professional newborn portraits of their premature children. In an effort to support the little fighters, and their overwhelmed parents, The Tiny Footprints Project photographers offer their services free of charge, thereby preserving both the stress-filled and awe-inspiring moments of life in the NICU”. I am proud to volunteer my services with this amazing organization.


Documenting in the NICU can be challenging given the space and lighting restrictions however, these sessions push me as an artist and grow me as a person. My heart embraces each of these families and their stories, all different yet all connected by a common love and support of these amazing little fighters. My soul breaks when a child leaves for heaven and rejoices when others go home and thrive. Each tiny footprint leaves a mark on my life and I am so blessed to be a very small part of the journey.


If you are a family with a little one in the NICU please reach out to Tiny Footprints Project to request a session here. If you are a photographer looking to volunteer your services you can apply here.


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