The Storyteller’s Soul: The Photography Workshop



You are the Keeper, of schedules, of lovies, of bumps and bruises, of smiles and joys. 

You are the Rememberer, of birthdays and favorites, of dislikes and dreams.

The photographs you take are tickets back in time, to the memories worth revisiting. They are the ones take in your home, at birthdays, on the swings, at grandma’s house. They are your authentic selves, your heart and soul.

They are the memories worth keeping.

I wish I could be there to document it all, everyday! To get bath time giggles and evening meltdowns, morning snuggles and nap time standoffs. Camera in hand I would tell your story. Yet, it is just that, your story. The soul you live out everyday.

You see them as they are. You journey this road of parenthood with them. You kiss the boo boos and wipe the tears. You create the magic and the joy. 

And you are telling this story every day. I see it in the pictures you scroll through on your phone and the ones you share with joy, inviting us into the magic.

I want to help you maximize this tool. To teach you to tell your unique story. To show you the path for creating a visual legacy that will adorn walls and be passed down in frames, displayed at weddings and gone through with grandchildren.

I want to take you from snapshot to storytelling.

So come away with me. Let’s sit and hear the beautiful, messy stories of parenthood. Let’s learn the tools to create. Let’s harness the power of photography to slow down time and bottle magic.

Let’s nourish your Storyteller’s Soul because Family Writes a Beautiful Story

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