Our Family Adventures Part 1 | Redlands Family Photographer

One of my absolute favorite things about being a family storytelling photographer is turning the camera on my own little family. Being able to document our adventures and our every day moments brings me so much joy but I realized I’ve never shared them with you! So here is to my effort to get caught up on our year, even if it is already July, and share some of our life and how I document our love.

So starting with January and February, 2018. These months were full of trips to the zoo, her first snowfall, park dates and unfortunately, a battle with pneumonia.

dad walking baby uphill redondo beach

Our walls are filled with images of Annalise playing with her daddy, partly because I am the family photographer, but mostly because my heart skips a beat every time I see them enjoying their time together. He is such a present and committed daddy. He relishes play with her. We stumbled upon Marina Park right on the water in Newport Beach and it didn’t take long for them to jump right in.

dad playing with daughter on slide playground redondo beach
dad kissing daughter in the swing redondo beach
dad playing with daughter on park newport beach
dad walking toddler daughter on beach

I love how he gives her some space to roam and explore but is never far behind, his shadow ever present. Also, going back in time through these pictures makes my mama’s heart twinge a bit. She no longer needs to crawl and standing to watch her is impossible as she is at a full run, just a mere 4 months later.

toddler crawling in dads shadow newport beach

If you haven’t been to the Orange County Zoo in Irvine I highly recommend it, especially with littles. It is small and the animals come right up to the gate, plus they have a petting farm/zoo area that Annalise loved. A new baby lamb was born a few weeks before we came which made the visit all the more special and check out those lion trainers!

dad getting daughter out of car newport beach
dad taking toddler baby out of stroller newport beach
baby lamb with mom at orange county zoo
lion on fence with trainer at orange county zoo

Annalise became enamored with pushing the stroller instead of being pushed in it. Makes going on walks and out around town super interesting these days.

toddler pushing stroller orange county zoo

We experienced snow fall in Yucaipa which was amazing. The whole family got out to play in it, which didn’t last long but we were all bundled in jackets and laughter.

kids and adults using phones to video snow fall yucaipa
toddler with grandpa in snowfall yucaipa

Unfortunately, many of our adventures came to a screeching halt in mid-February. After a few days of terrible fevers that spiked at night, Annalise was diagnosed with pneumonia. My bubbly 11 month old was replaced with a lethargic, sick baby. So many tears were shed by her and I, medicine fought over and breathing treatments delivered. I was never more grateful to be living with my parents, especially my LVN mom. It was a scary two weeks and we had to cancel her first birthday party. But we emerged stronger than ever. We spent days in the rocking chair and as hard as it was to see my baby girl so sick I am so grateful to have these images.

mom giving toddler girl breathing treatment yucaipa
mom giving toddler girl breathing treatment yucaipa
mom giving toddler breathing treatment yucaipa

We did get to celebrate her first birthday in a super low key way. Some balloons in her crib to wake up to and donuts with family was a perfect way to close out her first birthday.

toddler girl in crib with birthday balloons yucaipa
toddler girl in crib with birthday balloons yucaipa
toddler girl with family celebrating first birthday yucaipa

As we finished our first year of parenthood with our precious baby girl I am in awe of all that God has done. I have grown in ways I could never have imagined. Our marriage has been strengthened as we adjust to a new normal. I have learned to embrace a complete change of identity and shifting of priorities. And I have lived life with this tiny, magical being who continues to grow and blossom into a beautiful, and very opinionated, toddler. May the journey continue.

black and white portrait of toddler girl newport beach
toddler girl playing and smiling yucaipa
toddler girl portrait yucaipa
toddler girl with mom in newport beach