hand made happy birthday sign

It’s My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday! In a culture where we are told aging in not desirable I am going to fully embrace this day and all it represents. So Happy Birthday to Me!!

I am so truly blessed! God has gifted me with 32 years of life in the beautiful chaos of this earth. It has not always been easy, there have been many struggles and falls along the way. Yet, He has surrounded me with love and hope, mercy and grace. A handmade sign from my little siblings is one of many things that made me smile this weekend. I am so thankful for all that the journey has been and all that it is yet to be.hand made happy birthday sign

In honor of my birthday I thought I would share a few things that you might not know about me. Please share something about yourself in the comments! I would LOVE to get to know you.

  1. I am a former middle school and high school teacher – it was the hardest job I’ve ever had and I miss it every day!
  2. In addition to running a photography business I also work as a project manager supporting community health centers in providing access to care for the underserved.
  3. I only cry when I am mad or frustrated. So annoying when you are trying to get a point across and end up in tears.
  4. I am not silly. I tend to be pretty serious most of the time. I love to laugh and smile but am definitely more on the reserved side.
  5. Unless you put me in front of a kid….then all bets are off and silliness pours out of me.
  6. I love food – except olives and tomatoes…yep just don’t like them.
  7. I am the oldest of 8 kids! I grew up with 2 biological brothers then my parents used their retirement to adopt 5 more. I currently have siblings who are 12, 11, 10, 9 and 4 years old. It is controlled chaos at our house.
  8. It is like a meeting of the United Nations when my family gets together. My family is of Swiss and Irish decent. My husband is Thai, my sister-in-law is from Belize, my brother’s girlfriend is Italian and Mexican, 4 adopted siblings are from Mexican and American Indian decent, one sibling is black, my nephews and niece are mixed race. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  9. If I could have any job without fear of injury or death I would be a stunt car driver! I want someone to pay me to drive amazing cars way to fast and crash them!
  10. I cried like crazy on my wedding day. Weird since like I said in #3 I usually only cry when I am mad and I was so not mad on my wedding day. Just overwhelmed by the beauty of the day!