Hourly Family Session

A Newborn Session | Baby Emma

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with precious Emma and her beautiful family. Emma has such an incredible story and parents who are a stunning example of faith in a plan the doctors could not see. When I read their story I silently prayed I would have the faith and trust to provide my future baby with all that her parents are giving little Emma.

“A little bit about our story: My husband and I found out were pregnant for the first time on Christmas! We were so excited and announced a few weeks later on our 3rd wedding anniversary. The very next day I thought I was miscarrying, but didn’t…but the symptoms continued all the way until about 12 weeks, when we first found out our baby was high risk for Down Syndrome. A few weeks later, blood work came back saying she may have spina bifida. At 18 weeks, we were at the appointment to decide if we were going to do further, more invasive testing and finally got an answer. My placenta was not working properly (the reason the tests came back like they did) and our baby was already FIVE weeks behind. He told us to terminate, that she wouldn’t even survive another week or two, let alone make it to viability…that our next pregnancy would be normal. We just couldn’t give up. Well, she made it to 24 weeks and I was admitted into the hospital on 24/7 monitoring and we lasted 8 weeks there. Emma was born on 7/11 at 31 weeks 6 days at 2 lbs 6oz, breathing on her own and absolutely perfect, just teeny tiny”.

Emma is a fighter, her parents trusters. I recently spent a few hours at their home (yes home!) because this little one is growing and thriving. I am so privileged to tell their story in images I hope Emma will grow up to treasure. On a personal note, my heart sings now that I am following my voice and passion for lifestyle instead of posed newborn sessions. Enjoy these moments between Emma and her parents. My favorite is the simple feeding moments, so typical and everyday, yet so full of meaning. What is your favorite everyday moment with your family? Let me know in the comments and consider booking your own storytelling session now.