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Last week’s celebration of breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week had me reflecting on the experience as a new mom and gave me a chance to share some beautiful images of my amazing clients. See it all here.It also made me think of a few of my favorite things that make this commitment a little less daunting. Below are a few of the things I have come to love and appreciate.

Mom and newborn girl in rocking chair yucaipa captured grace by erin family photographyI would also love to hear from you. Let me know your nursing must haves in the comments below. Please note these are not affiliate links, they are simply things I love and want to share with you all.

Madela Breastmilk Collection Shields and Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags 

The first few months I was blessed with an oversupply of milk. I am so thankful a friend suggested collecting and saving it. The Madela shields not only collected the milk without me having to do anything other than wear them, it kept me from being a soaking wet mess after each feeding. Freezing and storing milk in the Lansinoh bags means I have a great store of milk should my little one ever need it. It has also allowed me to donate milk to an amazing local foster family.

Water! in Mason Jars from the Mason Bar Company

We all know water is essential to producing milk but staying hydrated can be hard. I love using mason jars because I can track just how much I drink throughout the day. While nursing it is so much easier to use a straw and lid though. I love the Mason Bar Company lids and straws. They come in fun colors and make any sized jar easy to use.

mom nursing newborn yucaipa family photography captured grace by erin

Milky Mama Tea from Euphoric Herbals and Favorite Mug 

I love this tea!! It tastes great and helps me keep my supply up naturally. Euphoric Herbals also offers a variety of supplements to support lactation. I am also addicted to cute coffee and tea mugs. I have a habit of bringing one home almost every time I am at TJ Maxx or Marshals. I am crushing on this cute one right now. I love that it has a lid!

mom and dad laughing while mom is nursing baby redlands captured grace by erin family photography

Natural Nipple Butter

From time to time my daughter decides that no other pacifier will do except for me. Needless to say this leaves me sore. This soothing nipple butter is amazing!! 

Covered Goods Nursing Cover 

While baby and I prefer not to be covered while nursing there are times it is essential. Church and dinner with the in-laws for example. In these situations I love my Covered Goods nursing covers. They slip over easily and keep me covered no matter how much my little one plays or moves. Plus they go over her car seat and look cute as a scarf. I love when something gives me multiple uses.

Snacks and by snacks I mean chocolate!

Because we all need snacks and who doesn’t love chocolate! I love Parliament Chocolate, handmade here in Redlands.

mom sitting with newborn baby in hospital baby redlands captured grace by erin family photography

Did I miss something?  What are some of your must haves? Let me know in the comments below.

-xo, Erin

P.S. How amazing are these images? I am so thankful I have them thanks to the skill of the amazing Alaina Nunez Photography and my hubby!

mom kissing newborn baby girl redlands captured grace by erin family photography

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