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Day In The Life

A Day in the Life with Twin Baby Girls | The O’Keefe Family

“I love you much, most beautiful darling, more than anything on the earth and I like you better than anything in the sky.” – e.e. Cummings

They met among anatomy text books and patient rotations, both studying for a career that would call them to serve adults. As doctors they prepared for illness, diagnosis, prescriptions and treatment plans. Their life together has taken them across the country for medical residency here in Los Angeles. Life also brought them not one, but two precious girls to love.

When I asked if twins ran in either family, they laughed, exchanged looks of unbelief and responded “no” in unison. Yet you would never know these two were not prepared for two newborns. They handled each one with such tenderness and joy. Watching all four was like watching a beautifully choreographed dance. The tenderness, love and emotion that shone on each parent’s face reminded me of just how hard and amazing the role of parent is, times two.

James and Ghazala – thank you for reaching out and inviting me into your home. The few hours I spent there was truly a blessing. I hope you all settle into your new hometown and I know you will raise women who are more beautiful in body and soul than anything on earth or in the sky. – xo, Erin


A day with twins means lots of diaper changes. I love to photograph these moments. So often my favorite images happen during changing and eating. The intamacy between parent and child allows for some beautiful moments.


The image below is one of my absolute favorites. I adore how lovingly dad is holding up her tiny, wobbly head while mom closes the buttons on baby’s dress.



After changing comes feeding. Tiny tummies times two leads to lots of bottles being passed along. These two lovebirds spent every moment together finding creative was to multi-task, including the classic “hold the bottle with the chin” move.



These lovely, little ladies had their own personalities at just a few months old. One twin was alert, active and interested in being a part of everything going on. The other twin content to eat, sleep and relax.




True to the physician in them, schedules were well documented, even if two little ones weren’t all that interested in sticking to them. It is amazing how babies will push us out of our routines and force us to just live life as it comes.


Being invited into a home to witness this kind of love and tenderness is a true privlege. I hope images like the ones below will allow these precious girls to see just how tender a mother’s love is and how strong a dad’s devotion is, from the moment they were born.



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