Dare to Delight and Document: A Gift to the Next Generation

This is the first in a series of posts I will be sharing on documenting your own life and family through photography. In this one I share my heart and motivation for this powerful form of storytelling. Stay tuned for more and come share your journey with me on Instagram! I would love to see how you are documenting your days. Use the #FamilyWritesABeautifulStory

As a child I remember discovering my grandmother’s family photo albums, you know the ones with the sticky paper that held down 4×5 images of life. I would pull them out and flip through them to catch glimpses of the past. The majority of these images consisted of everyone cleaned up for a holiday, usually in matching outfits, lined up outside of the house, smiling at the camera. Yet, occasionally I would come across an image that had personality and life. These are the ones that would captivate me. My dad and uncles as they were as rambunctious boy, I could almost hear the belly laughs and dares they exchanged. Especially the one showing three out of four boys in an arm cast at the same time, my poor grandma! These images are a gift to me.

As an adult I still get teased about a particular picture of me as a toddler. My youngest brother had just been brought home from the hospital. He lays blissfully in my daddy’s lap with my middle brother looking on. I am standing behind them all with my beloved baby doll in my arms and a full scowl on my face. I was going to keep reminding everyone I wanted a baby sister. A transformative moment, becoming big sister again, is one I cannot remember, yet it is a moment I can revisit forever. I am sure my daughter will enjoy these some day and maybe even have a similar picture taken of her. These images are a gift to her. 

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These are just a few examples of why documentary family photography has my heart. There is magic in the mundane, there is legacy in the labor, there is heirloom in the hard work of life. 

To me, this is they type of photography that will last for generations to come. They are the images that make you feel. These images seek to find the essence of a person, the ones that will remind you of a baby’s smile, a toddler’s wonder, a child’s creativity, a teenager’s personality or a beloved’s touch.

Life passes so quickly and moments are gone before we realize. You will always want to lose 5 more pounds and things will always be too busy. Family documentary photography is a great way to celebrate the fullness of life we are living now. It is a way to stop time for just a moment, to reflect on our experiences and to leave something to future generations.

Come join me on the journey as we document our days and create a lasting visual legacy. Remember to use the hashtag #FamilyWritesABeautifulStory so we can all enjoy the beauty in the everyday of life.

-xo, Erin

Boy playing in backyard captured grace by erin

Toddler girls brushing their teeth captured grace by erin boys on the swing in the park captured grace by erinLos Angeles Documentary Family Photography