toddler throwing sand at corona del mar, captured grace by erin documentary family photography
Hourly Family Session

A Corona Del Mar Family Session | The Fones Family

Over a decade ago he walked her along this beautiful beach flanked by the crashing waves and jagged cliffs towards the question that would define the rest of their lives. He asked for her hand and she gave it freely. For 10 years they have continued to walk hand in hand and side by side. They have navigated the waters of change and growth. They have entered into parenthood, including the world of special needs adoption, with grace and dedication. The love for their girls and one another is evident to all around them.

To celebrate 10 years of faithfulness to each other, the growth of a family and above all God’s grace, we revisited the shores on which they walked years ago when it was all starting. We ran from waves and chased the sun. Above all a family laughed and loved. Something I have a feeling they will do for years to come.

Justin and Krystal – thank you for allowing me to create the images that tell your story. I love watching your love and am so encouraged by your relationship. From dancing at your wedding to chasing after your children I am so blessed to be a part of what God is doing through you. I cannot wait to see all he has in store for you and your little ones.

– xo, Erin

As we wandered along the shores of Corona Del Mar, California we were graced with amazing golden light peeking through the hills which just highlights this gorgeous family.



I love watching dads who adore their little ones and just seem to squeeze all the joy out of being a dad. Justin is such a great example of this.


We walked along the beach and chased the waves and stuck our toes in the sand.


Mothers are such special creatures. The tiny moments of tenderness they show always touch a place deep in my heart.


These sisters and this family! In all the chaos that is three littles there is so much love and laughter. And love. Fierce love.


These two! Ten years later and they still sizzle and beam when looking at each other.


A little play and fun before the sun set and our adventure by the ocean was done.


You can see more fun with this family from my earlier day in the life session right after miss Ruby came home HERE.