A Few of My Favorite Things | Breastfeeding Edition | Yucaipa Birth Photographer

August 14, 2017 Personal 0 Comments

Last week’s celebration of breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week had me reflecting on the experience as a new mom and gave…

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Changes for Captured Grace by Erin

May 25, 2017 Personal 0 Comments

After typing the title I am now singing “Ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and face the strange changes. Time may change me but I…

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Documenting Life after Loss

June 5, 2016 Personal 0 Comments

Every new year you think, this is going to be THE year. The start of a calendar year is always filled with so…

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A Handful of Images: On Photography and Loss

March 24, 2016 Personal 0 Comments

We recently experienced a death in my husband’s family as we lost a family matriarch after 92 years of a life…

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The Pain Of Early Miscarriage: No Less A Mom

March 22, 2016 Personal 0 Comments

Oh dear friends, how I wish this was a much different story, one full of joy and anticipation. Sadly, it is…

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A Day Discovering Disneyland and Delight

March 13, 2016 Personal 0 Comments

On a beautiful Southern California day my beloved and I woke far earlier than we would on any other day spent…

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Thank You, Harper Lee

February 21, 2016 Personal 2 Comments

The news of Harper Lee’s death this week sits heavy on my heart. You see, Ms. Lee, through her incredible book,…

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Valentine’s Day, Made from Love

Valentine’s Day always gets me thinking about love and always reminds me of my mom. As a little one my mother used…

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Adele Knows the Power of Photography

February 11, 2016 Personal 0 Comments

I have a confession. Adele is my absolute woman crush. Seriously if I could be anyone it would be her. I…

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The Thankful List! (2015)

November 25, 2015 Personal 0 Comments

There are certain times of the year that help us slow down and reflect. For me Thanksgiving is a perfect time…

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