A Proposal Story | Daniel and Christina | Rancho Cucamonga Family Photographer

August 14, 2018 Life Events 571 Comments

He just knew he was going to be the fun bachelor uncle forever and she was sure she was going to…

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Together We Rise | Reuniting Foster Siblings at Disneyland | Redlands Family Photographer

November 25, 2017 Life Events 8 Comments

Sometimes I try to wrap my head and heart around the experience of being a kid in foster care. I try…

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A Unicorn Turns Seven | Ava’s Birthday | Redlands Family Photography

November 25, 2017 Life Events 3 Comments

She twirled and giggled as she ran to met us. Okay, really she was greeting the baby, but it was clear…

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This Is Bravery | Chelsea Romo Comes Home | Las Vegas Shooting Victim | Redlands Family Photographer

November 18, 2017 Life Events 3 Comments

“It’s been a really long week. I will be glad to get my girl home”. No truer words were ever said…

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An Adoption Story: The Stryffeler Family

February 29, 2016 Life Events 3 Comments

There is a place deep within my heart where the joy in documenting an adoption lives. It is a sacred place…

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An Adoption Celebration: The Avis Family

November 18, 2015 Life Events 4 Comments

The day seemed so ordinary, blue skies and sunshine, birds singing and traffic on the freeways. This is Los Angeles after…

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NICU Photo Session at UCLA Santa Monica: Baby Kadence

November 26, 2014 Life Events, NICU 3 Comments

Kadence refers to the movement of music which is exactly what this little one embodies. She was so full of life…

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Day In the Life NICU Photo Session at UCLA Santa Monica: Skye, Ericka and Jada

August 15, 2014 Life Events, NICU 3 Comments

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”.  – Shakespeare  This quote describes tiny Miss Skye Ryder perfectly and I…

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NICU Family Portrait Session Loma Linda Children’s Hospital: Jay, Julie and Penny

June 7, 2014 Life Events, NICU 8 Comments

One of the most breathtaking experiences of my life was being present for the birth of my precious niece. From the moment she…

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