Together We Rise | Reuniting Foster Siblings at Disneyland | Redlands Family Photographer

November 25, 2017 Life Events 8 Comments

Sometimes I try to wrap my head and heart around the experience of being a kid in foster care. I try…

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A Unicorn Turns Seven | Ava’s Birthday | Redlands Family Photography

November 25, 2017 Life Events 3 Comments

She twirled and giggled as she ran to met us. Okay, really she was greeting the baby, but it was clear…

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Images of Thankfulness | Redlands Family Photography

November 24, 2017 Personal 3 Comments

I am deeply grateful for each and every client that opened their hearts and homes to me. Documenting your heart and…

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This Is Bravery | Chelsea Romo Comes Home | Las Vegas Shooting Victim | Redlands Family Photographer

November 18, 2017 Life Events 3 Comments

“It’s been a really long week. I will be glad to get my girl home”. No truer words were ever said…

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An In-Home Family Session | The Leidig Family | Redlands Family Photographer

Family clients turned friends are so near and dear to my heart. Those who you connect with at a deep level…

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Summer Loving | Yucaipa Family Photography

August 30, 2017 Personal 3 Comments

From cozy sweaters on the racks to pumpkin lattes at the coffee shop, everything is screaming fall is here. This Southern…

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A Few of My Favorite Things | Breastfeeding Edition | Yucaipa Birth Photographer

August 14, 2017 Personal 3 Comments

Last week’s celebration of breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week had me reflecting on the experience as a new mom and gave…

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Breastfeeding is Beautiful | Yucaipa Birth Photographer

August 3, 2017 Birth 2 Comments

It is World Breast Feeding Week! In the short 5 months since my daughter’s birth I have logged more hours in…

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Making Magic Through Family Photography | Redlands

July 14, 2017 Day In The Life 3 Comments

Did you notices the Captured Grace by Erin website got a new look? Maternity leave provided an amazing opportunity for me…

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Dare to Delight and Document: A Gift to the Next Generation

This is the first in a series of posts I will be sharing on documenting your own life and family through…

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