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A Birth Story | Baby Charlotte

With every birth story I tell I fall more and more in love with the women behind my lens. To watch a woman labor and struggle to bring forth life is to stand in awe of sacrifice and love. I walk away in amazement of the strength God endowed us with and the capacity to give our bodies up to pain that will result in the ultimate joy. Then to watch a woman do all this with grace and dignity, surrounded by her family at home is truly a privilege.

The birth story of precious baby Charlotte begins and ends at home surrounded by her family. Her momma prayed for a home birth and at the last minute was able to see this become a reality. With siblings playing in the living room under the watchful eyes of their grandparents, a devoted husband’s tender support and a midwife team’s skillful dedication, baby Charlotte entered the world into the arms of her parents.


One of the beautiful things about this home birth was watching baby Charlotte be instantly welcomed into her family. With 4 older siblings this little one is sure to be loved and protected. Just seeing the look on her big sister’s face was priceless. With 3 younger brothers this little girl has waited awhile for another baby girl in the house. I was moved to tears as dad watched his wife nurse his new baby girl for the first time. That mix of love and pride was palpable.


I cannot say enough about the great work of Melissa from Little Twig Midwifery. Her knowledge and talent plus love was evident throughout the entire birth and baby exam.


My heart is so full every time I can tell a birth story. These moments will never happen again and I was able to be there to tell the story for generations to come. I am truly grateful.