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Adele Knows the Power of Photography

I have a confession. Adele is my absolute woman crush. Seriously if I could be anyone it would be her. I admire how she is confident in her beautiful, curvy body, full of personality, able to write with feeling and emotion, plus a voice that moves mountains. I totally pretend to be her from the comfort of my car, windows rolled up and doing what I like to call singing at the top of my lungs. Trust me you are glad you cannot hear this amazingness.

As I was having my daily Adele moment, I got a good listen to the lyrics of my new favorite, “When We Were Young”, and I realized one more reason she is my favorite, she gets the power of photography!

“Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old”

To photograph is to keep a moment in time and return to it over and over. While I will never be gifted to sing like Adele, and I still struggle to be confident in my own skin, I can whole heartedly agree with her need to photograph and return to memories. So embrace your inner artist and go photograph in great light!

-xo, Erin

P.S. Have you seen Adele impersonate Adele? If not you must! It is one of the best things on the internet I promise! Use the next 5 minutes to put a smile on your face and go watch it HERE. I am going back to day dreaming about doing a documentary day in the life of Adele and her family!