Meet Erin


Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to get to know you and your family. To get us started here are 10 things about me and a few of my favorite childhood images:

1. My husband was brave enough to approach a stranger at Barnes and Noble and we’ve been together ever since.

2. We love to adventure around Los Angeles. It is such a diverse city with food, music, architecture, hiking and so much more. I regularly share our adventures on my Instagram page.

3. There were 14 of us gathered around the Christmas tree recently and that is just our immediate family. I am the daughter of 2 amazing parents, big sister to 7 siblings, 5 who are adopted and under the age of 13, sister-in-law to 1 incredible lady and auntie to 3 of the most precious kids around.

4. I love Jesus. His grace is the heartbeat of my soul.

5. I enjoy the sound of rain. I do not enjoy So Cal residents trying to drive in it.

6. Give me a good book, a cup of coffee, a record playing, a comfy chair and a blanket and I am a happy girl.

7. Motherhood is my DNA. We have one baby in heaven (lost to miscarriage) and are praying for the little girl growing inside, due March 1st, 2017. Kids have always been my heart. I am a former middle school and high school teacher with a degree in child psychology. I just “get” kids and love every minute spent with them.

8. Angels baseball and Lakers basketball. When we married we adopted each other’s teams. So he now roots Angles and I fly the Lakers colors.

9. Unlike my personal trainer hubby, fitness is not my thing and I cannot stand being stuck inside a gym. We recently discovered indoor rock climbing though and I really enjoy it. Just us united against the wall. I feel pretty powerful looking down from the top.

10. I was bald for the first 2 years of my life. Then I got a baby afro, seriously I looked like a cabbage patch kid. I’ve been rocking curly hair ever since.

11. Sneaking in one more because I cannot forget quotes! I am a self confessed quote junkie and collector. Quotes, quotes and more quotes. I use to decorate my classroom with them and now they are part of many blog and photo posts. Feel free to send your favorites my way.

While I am so much more than these 11 things, at my core I am these. My faith, family and loves come together as the person behind the camera. I bring with me all my heart and experience as I join your family for the day. As I view you through my lens I am looking for what makes you, you. What is the heartbeat of your family? I will search until I find it and then document it for generations to come. My favorite images are the ones that cause you to say “that is so us!” I also know these are the ones your grand kiddos will look at years from now and see just how much love your family shared.

Bring your ideas, your dreams, your favorite book, or coffee and join me. Let’s get started on this journey together.

-xo, Erin 




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