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A Year In Review and A Life Full of Grace | California Photographer

Looking back over the year brings me such joy as I relive so many memories. One of the blessings of the way I shoot sessions is that I not only document memories for my clients, I make so many of them myself. I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings. I know I will meet clients that turn into friends and document love among families. I am already looking forward to it.

2015 was an amazing and wonderful year. My husband and I adventured around Los Angeles, including visiting Disneyland together for the first time. We added another sibling to the family through adoption, making me big sister to 7 now. I also became an auntie again with the birth of my precious nephew Isaac. Being auntie to 3 littles is a beautiful thing. Our family grew even more when my brother proposed to his amazing girl. It has truly been an amazing year for our family and it warmed my heart to see all 17 of us gathered around the Christmas tree.

Thank you all for being a part of the Captured Grace by Erin family in 2015. If you are interested in a 2016 session click over here to see packages and prices. These prices will expire January 31st and the full price for 2016 will be in effect. All prices will be slightly raised so this is a great opportunity to save big!

I could write a whole page about each of the amazing images below. Each one tugs at my heart and reflects just how beautiful the love of family is. Enjoy a few of my favorites from this year. Much love and grace to you all and have the best new year!!

mom kissing baby in home documentary candid family photographymom holding newborn baby girl squeezing cheeks documentary candid family photographymom and dad feeding twin newborn baby girls documentary candid family photographybride and groom dancing after wedding documentary candid wedding photographychildren looking at newborn baby girl documentary birth photographymom and son at griffith observatory candid family photography dad brushing teeth of toddlers in bath documentary candid family photographytoddler playing with air vent documentary family photographydad viewing newborn baby girl documentary birth photography2015_untitledADD_9750bride and groom kissing at alter documentary wedding photograpydad playing with daughters mom nursing infant documentary candid family photographynewborn baby boy on moms chest after birth documentary birth photographyboy playing on jungle gym documentary family photography ADD_3219siblings baking cookies documentary family photographybrother and sister documentary family photography2015_untitledIsaac.Birth-106boy and rabbit sitting on swings documentary family photographybride and groom kissing documentary family photographyhusband and wife documentary family photography toddler girl playing piano documentary family photographykids playing and laughing documentary family photographycourthouse adoption documentary family photographygrandma kissing newborn baby hand in hospital after birth documentary birth photographymilitary homecoming son meeting dad documentary family photography2015_untitledPowell DITL-152girl playing with stick documentary family photographyADD_3248silhouette of kids looking at rainbow documentary candid family photography2015_untitled2015_untitledADD_0957disney light parade documentary family photographytoddler girl with baby sister documentary family photographymom with infant son documentary family photographyO'Keefe.Twins.PreemiePrints-13Elias.Homecoming-167Ryan.Family.Holiday.Monrovia-43Gray DITL -59

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