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5 Delightful Details About Documentary Family Photography Sessions

If you thinking of agreeing to open your life and your home up to me for a documentary session you may have some questions about this type of session. Documentary sessions are my absolute favorite. They make me so excited to tell the story of your family, the hugs, kisses and even tears!

What are you in for? A few Q and A’s below should tell you.

1. What is a Documentary Family Session? It is a low key, no posing session. I will become a member of your family for the day and tell your story through the pictures I make. I won’t pose or interfere with your normal activity. My goal is to make pictures that make you feel and make you remember just how loved and cherished your family is. See what my past clients have to say:

“This session made me feel happy because we didn’t feel like we had to be fake. We could be us. I thought I wanted posed pictures but the images captured even more perfect and unique moments that I would never have thought to ask for but are perfect.” – Carrie H.

“These pictures are priceless. The photos reflect and confirm the love our family has for each other. ” – Ericka P.

“These are the best images I have ever seen of our son. I am already thinking of booking another full day in the life session. This will need to be something we do every year.” – Michelle G.

2. How long is a documentary session? I have 3 session lengths to choose from. A mini story telling session is 1-2 hours. This is perfect for getting a few images of kids or a newborn. A half-day short story session is about 6 hours and allows for me to spend time getting to know your family. A full story telling session is around 12 hours. I will come first thing in the morning, in time for breakfast and leave after the kids are in bed. Both half and full day documentary sessions allow for me to make images that show what a day in your life truly looks like.

3. Where will it take place? Wherever you and your family are the most comfortable. Mini sessions take place in and right around your home. Half and full day sessions are more flexible and focus on what a typical day looks like. So your session can be all in your home, or maybe soccer practice and grocery shopping are on the agenda. Or maybe your day includes the zoo or the beach. The key is that the location reflects what a day in your life would look like.

4. What should we wear? Whatever you and your family normally wears. No special clothes needed, just be you.

5. What is included in the session?
• A pre-consultation to design your storytelling session
• Your family session documenting you and your loved ones in this season of life
• Immediate family members included
• All hand edited high-resolution images in an online gallery with a print release
• Printing guidelines and printer recommendations
• An online slideshow to share with family and friends
• A 50 page, linen bound, hard cover album that tells the story of your family, included in full day sessions only

I love to share a good photo on social media and email to family so I include digital albums in my package. I also know that technology changes quickly and worry that one day all these memories will be gone. Hardcover books, prints, frames, and other items are available a la carte.

Let me take the work out of it and provide you with something you will love now and pass down in the future. Contact me here for a full product list.

How much is a session? Sessions vary in cost based on length chosen. Contact me for full details.

What are my next steps? Think about how many special moments happen each day in your home, consider how many of them are tucked away only in your memory, reflect on how many pictures you are in with your children, know that these are all priceless and deserve to be preserved for generations to come. Then contact me to tell your story. Email or call 323-523-3375. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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